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Nataliia Rosiak

In the realm of child development and psychological well-being, I have carved a distinctive path, blending the art of psychology with the creative expression of art therapy. My journey began in Ukraine, where I cultivated my skills as a practical psychologist and a Gestalt therapist, deeply committed to understanding and nurturing the human psyche. At the T. Shevchenko’s School in Kyiv, I honed my ability to connect with children, guiding them through their formative years with empathy and insight.

My work with children and youth in Kyiv’s social services further enriched my experience, particularly in providing psychological support to children with unique needs, such as autism and mental retardation. These experiences have not only deepened my understanding of child psychology but also instilled in me a profound respect for the diversity of young minds.

As a Gestalt therapist, I embrace the philosophy of focusing on the present, helping individuals to recognize and harness their innate resources. This approach has been pivotal in my work, allowing me to develop innovative solutions to a variety of psychological challenges. My practice revolves around a systems-based approach, where each element of a person's life is considered in harmony with the whole.

My achievements in Ukraine include significant strides in improving the psychological health of children, directly impacting their motivation and academic performance. I've also been instrumental in enhancing the dynamics within families, facilitating better understanding and communication between parents and their children.

In my private practice, I adapted to the evolving landscape of psychological services by offering remote consultations, reaching out to clients with diverse psychological needs. This adaptability reflects my commitment to making psychological support accessible in various settings.

Currently, in the UK, while I do not practice as a psychologist or therapist, I continue to apply my extensive knowledge and experience in a non-clinical setting. My certifications, which include Pediatric Analytical Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Art Therapy, form the foundation of my approach, blending psychological principles with artistic expression.

My role now involves guiding young minds through the medium of art, allowing them to explore and express their emotions creatively. This transition from a clinical to a creative setting embodies my belief in the therapeutic power of art, a belief that has been reinforced by my professional journey. Here, I leverage my background in psychology to foster an environment where children can safely explore their inner world, understanding themselves and others through the transformative power of art.

In conclusion, my journey is one of continuous learning and adaptation, always striving to enrich the lives of those I encounter, be it through psychology or art. As I navigate this new chapter in the UK, my goal remains steadfast: to empower young individuals through creative expression, nurturing their emotional and psychological well-being.

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